Professional Counseling & Life Coaching

Wianda Hoogakker MSc, Psychologist (NIP Registered), PRI Therapist


Mastering the Art of Conscious Living Course 

 4 evenings from  May 2nd in Amstelveen (in English)

  • Would you like to get more out of life, but don't know how? 
  • Would you like to stop procrastinating?
  • Are you an expat and you miss your home-country? 
  • Are you surrounded by people, but frequently feel lonely?
  • Do you have feel it's never good enough?
  • Would you like to feel more connected to your partner and/ or kids?

This personal development course, based on modern neuroscience combines cognitive, emotional and behavioural approaches, will be able to help you break through destructive feelings, thoughts and behaviours and help you live in the NOW!

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My journey to the heart: choosing between fear and love

I used to be a fearful person. Nobody knew this, not even myself. From the outside I was living the great London life style, wearing designer clothes, driving a fancy car, living in a nice apartment (with a garden!), an international career on the rise, a great group of friends. Working hard, playing hard. On the inside I often felt lonely, disconnected and down. This made me work harder, buy more fancy shoes and go out even more frequently. It didn't work. One day I had to give a presentation to a big boss in the USA. The presentation went well, at the end he asked me 10 questions, I knew the answer to nine of them

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 Journey to the heart 

The longest journey in life is the one from your head to your heart.

Anyone who wants to lead a more conscious life can benefit from therapy or life coaching. During the sessions I help you to (re)build the connection from your head to your heart, so you have more control over your life and your emotions and eventually are able to lead a more fulfilling and loving life.

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 Expat life

A lot of mixed emotions?

We grow tremendously as an expatriate, learning new aspects about ourselves, our host country, its people, what works and what does not work. It can be quite intense and also quite lonely. Even though it is interesting to learn and go through all these new experiences, you may occasionally ...  

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